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Fleet and public EV Charging in Murrindindi Shire

05 June 2024

In a remarkable move towards sustainable transportation, EVUp partnered with Murrindindi Shire Council to install two Australian-made DC chargers at the library and reserve in Kinglake. 

Northcote Aquatic Centre: Leading the Charge with Free EV Charging Stations

31 May 2024

In an inspiring move towards sustainable mobility, the City of Darebin has partnered with EVUp to install five dual-port AURIGA EV chargers at the Northcote Aquatic Centre.


Empowering Communities: The Importance of Council EV Charging Infrastructure

23 May 2024

In the mission for a greener and more sustainable future, local councils play a pivotal role in shaping the infrastructure that supports EV adoption. As more individuals and businesses make the switch to EVs, the need for accessible and reliable...


Powering Up EV Tourism: Eudlo, Queensland

23 May 2024

Nestled far west of the Gold Coast in Queensland, lies the remote yet vibrant town of Eudlo. Known for its picturesque charm and warm community spirit, Eudlo is always on the lookout for innovative ways to attract tourism and invigorate local...


Unleashing Growth: EV Charging for Retail and Office Spaces

23 May 2024

At 637 Flinders Street, a prominent retail and office hub, the integration of electric vehicle (EV) charging has become a vital part of the building's infrastructure.With 6 Garo wall chargers strategically commissioned by EVUp, this location has...


Queensland's Electric Super Highway: Townsville Council

17 May 2024

Townsville Council in Queensland has recently unveiled a cutting-edge dual-port EV charger, the AURIGA by EVUp, designed and manufactured right here in Australia. 


Empowering Education with EV Charging: A Milestone Project at Mentone Grammar

24 April 2024

We're thrilled to announce the successful completion of our latest project at Mentone Grammar, marking a significant milestone in education and sustainability. Our team at EVUp partnered with Mentone Grammar to install ten state-of-the-art Auriga...


WA Workplace EV Charging Grant with EVUp

22 April 2024

Are you a business in Western Australia looking to embrace the electric vehicle (EV) revolution?  The WA Workplace Charging Grant presents an exciting opportunity to upgrade your workplace infrastructure while contributing to a sustainable...


EV Charging for Fleet Cars

12 April 2024

Switching to electric cars isn't just about adopting new vehicles; it's about embracing a sustainable future while ensuring operational efficiency. When "I'm in the Right" - Not At Fault Car Rental decided to make this transition for their staff...


NSW Electric Vehicle Destination EV Charging Grants

12 April 2024

Round 2 of the NSW Electric Vehicle Destination Charging Grant is now open until August 2, 2024. This grant, totalling $10 million for regional NSW, including Newcastle and Wollongong, supports the installation of public electric vehicle chargers...


Powercor Partners With EVUp for Electric Green Fleet Transition

09 May 2023

EVUp is proud to support Powercor, one of the largest electricity generators in Australia, in its ambitions for green fleet. 


WA Government Launches Grant Program For Electric Car Chargers

24 February 2023

Round One of the Charge Up Workplace Grant is now open! If you’re in WA, it’s now never been easier or indeed cheaper to install EV charging at your venue or workplace. Until CoB 12th May the WA government will contribute 50% of the labour and...


AMES Chooses EVUp To Help Staff Drive Electric

11 February 2023

EVUp is proud to have been chosen as preferred supplier to AMES Australia as EV Charging partner.  As companies strive to adopt more environmentally friendly practices, one area that is gaining attention is the deployment of public electric...


Casey Council Chooses EVUp For Public EV Charging Infrastructure

07 January 2023

New AURIGA Public Electric Car Chargers Ready for 2023!   at Eliston Family & Community Centre - 20 Eliston Avenue, Clyde VIC 3978  


Another Town Hall Council EV Charger Install Complete!

18 November 2022

There are now more than 300 EV charging points across the state of WA and the newwest of electric car station of them all is located on the southern side of the carpark at the Fremantle Town Hall, 135 Canning Highway, East Fremantle to be...


Electric Car Charging: Where to Begin

07 November 2022

"We don't know anything about EV Charging!". Is how the call started with Mansfield Apartments. Right now, this language is super normal for businesses small and not so small, apartment buildings, wineries, motels.  Businesses understand the...


EVUp partners with mycar and myenergi for EV workshops of the Future

24 October 2022

EVUp Partners with mycar AND myenergi to Deploy EV Chargers to mycar Stores Across Australia Today we announce a new partnership with Aussie icon, mycar  and leading Greentech EV charger manufacturer, myenergi.  This will see EVUp...


Dinner, Show & EV Charge

01 September 2022

In yet another first, we're proud to be able to support yet another Aussie icon, the Dromana Drive in with their public electric car chargers.  From today, EV owners will be able to watch a film and charge their car at the world's first Drive...


EVUp Strategic Partnership with Energy Australia

03 August 2022

EVUp is proud to announce the strategic partnership with Energy Australia to deliver VPP enabled charging infrastructure Our vision is to lead and accelerate the clean energy transformation for all fleet operators and corporates About Energy...


Electric Vehicle Charging At Wineries and Motels

20 July 2022

How wineries are benefiting from Electric Car Chargers

Made in Australia Electric car charger

NT electric vehicle public charger grants

20 June 2022

NT electric vehicle grants Residential and businesses can apply online from 1 July for electric vehicle charger grants From Friday 1 July the NT government is offering funds for you to buy and install an electric vehicle (EV) charger at your home...


NSW electric vehicle public charger grants

13 May 2022

NSW electric vehicle public charger grants available for regional businesses Attract more customers by installing electric vehicle public chargers on your site with up to $40,000 from the NSW government To keep current customers and attract new...


Charging your EV Electric Car In Commercial Workshop

07 May 2022

If you send your EV to a workshop for repair surely you'd expect it to be returned #fullycharged? EVup is proud and humbled to partner with both myenergi,  Tufflift Hoists and Sheen panels to integrate and option the super smart Zappi...

EVUP Chargers

ACT Law Courts invest in a sustainable future with EV car chargers

30 September 2021

Great News! Next time you find yourself in Canberra, our nation’s capital, in a spot of legal trouble, take comfort knowing you can reliably and quickly charge up your EV car at ACT Law Courts. EVUp supplied and installed 10 x 22kW dual-port...


A resource to help you get funding for electric vehicle grants

29 September 2021

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is offering electric vehicle grants to Victorian, NSW & SA governments. These grants will allow the set up of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in areas with high numbers of...


City of Stonnington charging up for the environment

29 September 2021

The City of Stonnington has shown its commitment to the environment by investing in electric vehicle charging infrastructure for the community. AURIGA electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure units are now available in the neighbourhood,...


Insight into EVUp and its Aussie-made AURIGA electric car charger

29 September 2021

EVUp is a green tech business based in Melbourne. The business makes and supplies the only AC electric vehicle (EV) charger made in Australia—it holds the official Made in Australia registration. Co-founder Russ Shepherd is growing a team of...


Komatsu Construction’s electric vehicle hub proving popular

29 September 2021

Global construction equipment Komatsu Construction is the latest company to take action for a low-emissions future: they’ve commissioned electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure. This collaboration with EVUp fits in perfectly with Komatsu’s plans to...


Mitcham Council taking charge of a sustainable future for its residents

29 September 2021

The team here at EVUp is overjoyed and privileged to have been chosen as the preferred electric vehicle charging vendor for Mitcham Council, Adelaide. Mitcham Council has contracted us to set up fast electric vehicle (EV) recharging stations. This...


Destination Charging Across Victoria - State Government/DELWP

05 July 2021

The State Government has released $5 million for electric vehicle charging infrastructure across Victoria If you're a local government, commercial not-for-profit group or a community group wanting to encourage the uptake of low-emission transport...


EV servicing and replacement - The do's and dont's

09 June 2021

This article first appeared in the June 2021 edition of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association Magazine.  Servicing electric vehicles – the do’s and dont's In Australia, it is expected that around a third of all new vehicles...


What does an EV workshop look like?

05 May 2021

This article first appeared in the April 2021 edition of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association Magazine.  What does an electric vehicle workshop look like?  Do you know how to safely service an electric vehicle? EVs...


EV charging for car stackers

10 March 2021

Our team have become experts at charging parked electric vehicles...but what about cars that are constantly moving? The rapidly increasing transition to electric vehicles, combined with the need to use urban parking spaces intelligently, posed an...


Why is DC charging faster than AC?

07 March 2021

There are two ways to charge your electric vehicle; AC and DC. While the acronym is possibly more famous as an Aussie band, in the electric vehicle sector, AC means Alternating Current and DC, Direct Current. When presenting information about EV...

How does EV regenerative braking work?

How does regenerative braking work in an electric vehicle?

03 March 2021

This article first appeared in the March edition of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine. How to improve the range of an EV by stopping Regenerative braking is a system found in both electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid...


Servicing decarbonised transport

09 February 2021

This post first appeared in the February 2021 edition of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association Magazine   Servicing decarbonised transport Electric vehicle sales are experiencing a compound annual growth rate of over...


What is a battery management system?

15 November 2020

This article first appeared in the November 2020 edition of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association Magazine. What is a battery management system? I’m sure you are familiar with engine management systems, or engine control units, that...


Electric forecourts - petrol stations of the future for electric vehicles?

20 October 2020

What do petrol stations of the future - to charge electric or hydrogen vehicles - look like? Milk, bread, a bag of lollies and…some electrons? As we move towards an electric transport future, what will happen to petrol stations? In many towns, the...


What does the EV accessory market hold?

15 October 2020

This post first appeared in the October 2020 edition of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association Magazine.  EV accessories are different from traditional aftermarket items The amazing technology being developed in the electric...


Can EVs tow?

29 August 2020

Can electric vehicles tow? This article was written for the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association magazine and appeared in the August 2020 edition. Although they’re not known for it, EVs are very capable of towing…with the right...


Non-exhaust emissions from brakes and EV killer?

29 August 2020

Reducing air pollution is one of the most important reasons to transition to electric vehicles Transport emissions are directly linked to the early deaths of 1715 Australians each year. Incredibly, this number is higher than the annual road...

Scaleable EV charging for apartments

Scalable EV charging for apartments

15 August 2020

EV charging for new developments The EVUp team recently partnered with Melbourne-based developers Banco Group to deploy three levels of EV charging at their latest apartment development, East Brunswick Village, known to locals as EBV. Like most...


Is driving an EV better for the environment?

15 August 2020

This post first appeared in the August 2020 edition of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association Magazine   Why transition to low-emission transport? The cars we drive everyday contribute to half of Australia’s transport...


Contactless EV charging payment...our latest EV network sites

05 August 2020

Designed for purpose... our latest EV charging projects Our consulting team have designed and installed EV charging solutions for three major and strategic sites in the past month, across new Melbourne developments. East Brunswick Village -...


ICE to EV it the next big thing?

15 July 2020

This article first appeared in the July 2020 edition of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association Magazine. Converting vehicles to electric drive…the next big thing? As the world transitions to electric vehicles, what happens to millions...


How do EVs work?

10 July 2020

How do electric vehicles work? Electric cars currently have 2.2% global market share, with a new milestone of 1 million charging stations in the ground. Our numbers are still low, around 0.1% of market share, but our data shows a massive 74.2%...


E-fleet consulting

15 June 2020

E-fleet consulting with EVUp Sometimes 'out of the box' hardware just won't work for your business. The EVUp consulting team troubleshoot EV charging situations that require specialised solutions. While the gradual transition of a commercial fleet...


EV Charging - the basics for your business

15 May 2020

Think of charging your EV like charging your smartphone The first thing to note about EV charging is that you don’t ‘fuel’ your vehicle in the same way as an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. When you drive a petrol car, you’ll typically...


Idle Off - supporting students to reduce Co2

08 May 2020

If you have children you’re no doubt familiar with the dreaded school run. As well as the queues of traffic entering school grounds each morning, there’s also the mid-afternoon tussle for a parking space at pick up time. While parents, teachers,...


The future of EV charging

31 March 2020

Mad, bad and kind of brilliant...what does the future of EV charging look like?


The EV landscape in Australia

15 March 2020

This article first appeared in the March 2020 edition of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine. How many electric vehicles are there in Australia? It’s a bit of tricky one to answer as Tesla don’t release their sales figures, but there...


Why are fleets transitioning to electric?

19 February 2020

Why are fleets transitioning to electric? Did you know that the Chinese city of Shenzhen, which has a population of 12 million people, now has a completely electric bus service? Their entire fleet of 16,000 of zero-tailpipe emission buses has...


We’re proud to launch the EVUp network

29 January 2020

Why does Australia and New Zealand need electric vehicle charging?

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