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NT electric vehicle public charger grants

20 June 2022

NT electric vehicle grants

Residential and businesses can apply online from 1 July for electric vehicle charger grants

Made in Australia Electric car charger
AURIGA EV Charger for public electric cars NSW Grant

From Friday 1 July the NT government is offering funds for you to buy and install an electric vehicle (EV) charger at your home or business.

The Electric Vehicle Charger (Residential and Business) Grant Scheme offers:

  • Up to $1,000 for a residential property
  • Up to $2,500 for a business

The grants will be given on a first-come, first-served basis so it’s great that you’re here and can prepare your application early.

The information on this page will help you understand more about EV chargers so you can decide if they’re worthwhile for your home or business.

Find out if you’re eligible, how to apply, and what happens after you apply.

Why the NT government is giving out EV charging grants

Australia is moving toward electric vehicles over traditional gas and diesel vehicles (known as internal combustion engine, or ICE vehicles).

The grant is the government’s effort to help more people switch to electric vehicles.

The long-lasting benefit for all NT residents is we’re paving the way for a cleaner world for ourselves, our kids, and our grandkids.

Not just that, if we don’t do something to respond to our changing climate, we’ll have trouble securing water, put our health at risk, face job insecurity, and more.

This grant is part of the Territory Climate Change Response which includes you, your family, your mates, and your colleagues taking action as a community.

Together you can protect the Territory and enjoy the opportunities a better environment will give us.

Why install electric vehicle chargers at your home

There’s nothing worse than being out and having your mobile phone die. It’s frustrating and stressful asking around for cables and charging points to juice up again.

Well, imagine if your EV battery is empty when you hit the road…

Like charging your phone before heading out, having an EV charger at home is convenient and gives you that peace of mind that your EV is fully juiced up when you head out.

Why install electric vehicle (EV) chargers at your business

To keep current customers and attract new ones, you need to make it easy for them to travel to and from your business. Businesses who install EV public chargers on site are more likely to draw more customers as they’ll need somewhere to charge their electric vehicles while traveling. You see, electric vehicle drivers get what’s known as ‘range anxiety’ when their batteries are about to run out. Installing an electric vehicle public charger on your site means your customers stop and stay longer. 

AURIGA EV Pedestal Charger for NSW Grant

How much you can get for the electric vehicle charging grant

You can get up to $1,000 for a residential property, $2,500 for a business. 

Find out if your home or business is eligible

You can apply if you meet the scheme terms and conditions, and you:

  • are an owner of an NT registered EV
  • are a home owner or business owner
  • meet the property requirements relevant to you as either a residential or business owner.

Apply for the NT EV charging grants in 3 easy steps

Step 1. Read the terms and conditions

Step 2. Read the list of approved electric vehicle chargers

Step 3. Apply online

Apply online through GrantsNT from 1 July 2022.

Note this information was correct at the time we published in June 2022. Please check NTGrant Scheme for updates or changes to the terms.

Step 4. If accepted, install your EV charger

If you get a grant, contact us to install a 100% Aussie made EV charger, complete with 24/7 support from a local team.

Need a hand with your online application?

Contact the NT EV charging grant support team:

Phone: 1800 193 111

Sit tight and you’ll hear from the team within 3-5 business days.

After you apply

You’ll get an email to let you know whether you’ve received a grant.

Note you may be asked to share more information while your application is reviewed.

How we can help you

If you get the grant, you’ll want a reliable and affordable EV charger and ongoing service.

EVUp is the first Australian business to manufacture an electric vehicle charger and software. We’ve been innovating and inspiring electric car enthusiasts for almost 2 decades, since 2015.

We’re known as Australia’s most reputable, most reliable electric vehicle charger manufacturer.

The world of electric vehicles and EV charging can be confusing — our team offers reliable support and great advice for any new EV owner wishing to find a fast, affordable and eco-aware EV charging solution for home or their business.

We understand residents and businesses. That’s why we constantly improve our charging software and with almost 2 decades of experience racked up, we’re proud to offer it at an affordable cost.

Yet we offer so much more than cost. We offer a 24/7 service because we know electric vehicle drivers don’t drive on a 9-5 schedule. Their chargers have to work, and your EVUp charger will give you the reliability and reassurance you need.

We’re a 100% local Aussie business with both the chargers and software manufactured and supported locally. That’s right, call our 24/7 service centre and you’ll speak to an Aussie local with electric vehicle expertise.

First Australian EV charger: the Auriga

The AURIGA is packed with helpful features such as wireless phone charging, automatic night illumination, and up to 3 charge ports with optional ebike charging. Its modular build makes it easy to upgrade. What's more, it's sustainable and robust, with closed loop recyclable materials and an attractive, durable pedestal design.

AURIGA OCPP Public electric car pedestal charger for wineries and motel
AURIGA OCPP Public electric pedestal charger

Ready to EVUp your home or business?

Find out more about the Aussie-made AURIGA EV charger.

Apply for the NT government electric vehicle charging grants.

Give us a yell to get a charging proposal that outlines installation, billing & support information.

Happy customers

"Easy online purchase, good communications from EVolution. The 15A portable EVSE is a bargain at around $650, it charges the Zoe almost flat out until full. Have also purchased the Marvin 32A unit, again, great comms and service, definitely a great place to get EV gear."

- Mr T, Nissan LEAF

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The quote came out pretty good and the installation went off without a hitch. Very happy with the outcome and the ability to charge my Tesla model 3 with my excess solar energy."

- Oscar, Tesla Model 3

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