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Dinner, Show & EV Charge

01 September 2022

In yet another first, we're proud to be able to support yet another Aussie icon, the Dromana Drive in with their public electric car chargers. 

From today, EV owners will be able to watch a film and charge their car at the world's first Drive in movie theatre equipped with EV Chargers. 

Renewable Powered EV Chargers

Dromana drive in movie cinema benefits from a  large PV solar array and an even larger storage battery. This means that even when watching a movie at night, movie goers will be able to charge their electric cars on renewable electric power.

Seamless Billing thanks to UpCharge OCPP EV Charging Software 

Using our best of breed EV Charging software  cinema patrons can energise one of our Australian made electric car chargers, either the AURIGA or AURIGA-W units, via our app, QR code or Paypass tap and go. 

Better still, the managers at Dromana Drive in benefit the following;

  • Visibility of real time charging sessions
  • Remote stop & start of charging sessions
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Full access to OCPP logs
  • Tracking of energy usage & associated costs

If you have a business which might benefit from such an amenity to generate revenue and attract customers to your venue, Contact us on 1300 388 700 or navigate to here to find out more. 

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