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Turnkey EV Charging at VW Essendon: Comprehensive Infrastructure Upgrade

05 July 2024

EVUp's recent capital works project at VW Essendon is a shining example of a comprehensive EV charging solution. From planning and execution to load management and testing, every aspect has been handled with precision and care to ensure that the charging solution will meet the diverse needs of the dealership and provide a future-proof charging solution for years to come, setting a new standard for dealership EV charging infrastructure.

Charging Infrastructure: From Specification to Execution

EVUp’s partnership with VW Essendon began with meticulous specification and planning, ensuring every detail was accounted for. The initial stages involved a comprehensive safety assessment to identify potential risks and ensure a secure installation environment. Our project management team then took the reins, overseeing the execution of capital works ahead of the installation of the charging infrastructure. This expert execution laid the foundation for a reliable and efficient EV charging system.

EV Charging Load Management and Testing with UpCharge

Every building site has a limited power supply to draw from, for the everyday electrical needs of the site, and ensuring that the load management for the five EV chargers  would be balanced against the site’s existing consumption needs was crucial. Integration of our locally developed and supported software, UpCharge, played an instrumental role in load management and ensuring the reliable operation of the chargers. Rigorous testing was conducted to guarantee optimal performance and seamless integration with the existing electrical infrastructure.

Planning and Execution: A Seamless Process

The planning and execution phase was meticulously handled by our expert team. Each step, from the initial blueprint to the final installation, was carried out with precision. High attention to detail ensured that the charging infrastructure met all technical requirements and was ready for the arrival of the new VW ID range. The dealership’s management specified varied needs for this project, including customer and staff charging, as well as charging for the fleet of show vehicles. EVUp partnered with Delta and MyEnergi to deliver top-notch charging, through a mix of AC and DC fast chargers, as well as our own locally developed and hosted management and payment software, UpCharge.

Car Dealership EV Charging: Enhancing Customer Experience with Public Charging

VW has elected to provide the charges for customer charging on weekends, with UpCharge's billing functionality. This will help to draw in more customers and provide an additional stream of revenue to the dealership, off-setting the costs of the EV charging infrastructure- a win-win-win scenario, providing both staff and customers with much needed charging facilities.

Whitelisting Capability: Differentiating Staff and Paid Customer Charging with UpCharge

One of the standout features of our bespoke software solution UpCharge, is the whitelisting capability. This functionality allows VW Essendon to differentiate between staff and customer vehicles when plugged into the chargers. Staff members will enjoy free charging, while customers have access to reliable charging services. This flexibility enables the dealership to generate revenue from the general public, while still being able to utilise these chargers for staff charging.

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