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We’re proud to launch the EVUp network

29 January 2020

Why does Australia and New Zealand need electric vehicle charging?

The world is transitioning to low-emission technology.

Over $150 billion has been invested in research and development by major and emerging auto manufacturers, Tesla is now one of the most valuable companies in the sector and drivers, fleet managers, businesses and organisations are embracing electric vehicles as the future of mobility.

In Australia the uptake has been hampered by a lack of cohesive federal policy, however, despite this, the number of EVs on the roads has double in the last three months alone.

In New Zealand, government action on climate change and an electricity grid powered by 80% renewable energy has paved a clear path for low-emission transport.

What is clear is that the barriers to EV ownership and operation have largely been addressed and we can expect to see a sustained and accelerated adoption throughout 2020 and beyond.


The EVUp network is new…kind of

The team behind EVUp aren’t new to the electric vehicle charging sector.

We’ve actually been around since 2015 when our partner company, EVolution Australia, was established to fund the ICE to EV conversion of a 2001 Audi.

Since then, we’ve grown not only our team, but our capabilities in:

  • supplying high quality, safety compliant AC and DC EV charging products to home and corporate clients
  • providing education and EV myth-busting advice (on a daily basis!)
  • ongoing research and development; including our own AC EV pedestal charger, which is the only one of its kind made here in Australia
  • conversion of classic vehicles, such as the Jaunt Motors Land Rover Juniper, to electric drive
  • establishing a national network of qualified installers
  • establishing a growing product click and collect network
  • back end software development
  • tracking, understanding and communicating sector information and trends, particularly from more mature overseas markets
  • encouraging sector skills and knowledge through collaborations and internships

Now, we’d like to hear about you

The more we learn about you – whether you’re currently an EV driver using public charging, or want to establish a corporate fleet of low-emission vehicles – the more effectively we can build the EVUp network.

So, if you want to know anything, have ideas, a location or simply would like to have a chat about how to encourage the uptake of EVs in your workplace or organisation, we invite you to get in touch.

EVUp. Charge happy.

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