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Northcote Aquatic Centre: Leading the Charge with Free EV Charging Stations

31 May 2024

In an inspiring move towards sustainable mobility, the City of Darebin has partnered with EVUp to install five dual-port AURIGA EV chargers at the Northcote Aquatic Centre.

Developed and manufactured right here in Melbourne, the AURIGAs offer durable and reliable EV charging for high volume public spaces like the aquatic centre.

Free EV Charging - Paid Charging Ready with UpCharge

The chargers are offered generously for free public usage by the council - with the option to start charging for use at any time with our bespoke UpCharge software. Locally developed and supported, UpCharge offers an easy to use paid charging system, as well as monitoring and usage data.

EV Charging at Northcote Aquatic Centre

The installation of five dual-port AURIGA EV chargers at Northcote Aquatic Centre provides a total of ten EV charging car spaces, a significant resource for the local community. Since installation, the chargers have seen an incredibly high volume of usage, bringing in more visitors to the aquatic centre, and in turn increasing council revenue.

AURIGA Chargers: The Perfect Solution for Public and Commercial EV Charging

The AURIGA dual-port chargers installed at Northcote Aquatic Centre are designed to meet the needs of both public and commercial EV charging. Here are some of the key features:

  • Designed and manufactured here in Melbourne
  • Dual-Port Design: Each AURIGA charger can charge two vehicles simultaneously, maximizing the utility of the installation.
  • Fast Charging: With the capability to provide up to 22kW fast charging, these chargers ensure that electric cars can be recharged quickly and efficiently.
  • User-Friendly: The AURIGA chargers are easy to use, making the charging experience straightforward for all EV drivers.

For more information on the AURIGA EV chargers, visit our product page.

The partnership between EVUp and the City of Darebin to install dual-port AURIGA EV chargers at Northcote Aquatic Centre is a significant milestone in the journey towards sustainable transportation. With ten EV charging car spaces available for free, this project not only supports the community but also sets a precedent for other councils to follow.

By embracing such initiatives, the City of Darebin is making a lasting impact on the environment and leading the way in sustainable urban development. EVUp is proud to support their efforts and looks forward to seeing more communities benefit from advanced EV charging solutions.

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