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EVUp Strategic Partnership with Energy Australia

03 August 2022

EVUp is proud to announce the strategic partnership with Energy Australia to deliver VPP enabled charging infrastructure

Our vision is to lead and accelerate the clean energy transformation for all fleet operators and corporates

EVUp UpCharge Brings Fleet & Load Management into Play

The combined talented teams at SEA, Energy Australia and EVUp will work together to deploy best of breed DC fast chargers at head offices and on customer sites. Our software, UpCharge, will enable detailed tracking of energy use with requirements of both fleet manager and facilities managers front of mind.

Charging sessions can be tracked back to vehicles across both home and workplaces. Load management and VPP functions will reduce implementation costs, a common barrier to green fleet adoption, and guarantee maximum uptime and availability of critically important fleet infrastructure.

About Energy Australia, EVUp and Green Transport

EnergyAustralia is a leading energy retailer and generator with 2.4 million customer accounts across eastern Australia. EA supply energy to residential and business customers from a modern energy portfolio, underpinned by coal and gas power plants, as well as renewable energy sources. 

EnergyAustralia assists companies with their zero carbon, green energy transition by helping to design customised, future-fuel road maps for e-fleets and transport depots.

To make the energy transition from fossil fuel to clean energy simple, EnergyAustralia offers specialised solutions and uses leading-edge technologies to build the whole energy ecosystem, from the energy generation to the electrons driving the EV.

Energy Australia will works with customers on a zero-harm bespoke solutions, providing expert advice on depot development, charging infrastructure, retail contracts and behind-the-meter solutions.

The zero-harm approach in all their undertakings, ensures the safe development of all electrification infrastructure, causing zero harm to the environment or people. This includes how the infrastructure is connected and deployed.

Reliable Electrons For Fleet EV Charging

And while EVUp will provide the hardware and software, Energy Australia will reliably provide electrons to power your vehicles that is more cost-effective than any fossil fuel options available in the market.   

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