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Shopping centres

Increase spend time & spark loyalty in the growing EV community

We believe attractive electric vehicle charging at shopping centres is the cornerstone of efficient nationwide EV charging.

As the cost & range of electric cars reach parity with traditionally fuelled vehicles, shopping centres form the ‘front line’ in offering convenient charging for family-friendly EVs.

Electric vehicle car parking sites that have personality, are appealing to your visitors & well located will create a growing and loyal base of EV drivers who will repeatedly choose you over your competitors.

As with most commercial & corporate charging sites, shopping centre managers & owners have a range of pain points when considering EV charging options:

  • When is the right time to install EV charging?
  • What rate of charge should we offer?
  • Which EV charging products are best for our site?
  • Where should EV charging spaces be located?
  • Can’t we just install some Tesla charging points?

The challenges of successfully deploying electric vehicle charging at shopping centres can be complex, with a range of factors that must be considered such as energy supply, footfall, location & demographics of the area.

The successes we’ve had with our current & ongoing EV charging partnerships have been built on strategic decisions around the type & location of charging products to best suit current demand, but which is also scalable as that demand increases.

We can also integrate your branding on the charging unit itself, as well as loyalty card or app memberships for remarketing opportunities.

Case study:

The Aventus group is the fastest growing large format shopping centre owner in Australia. In line with a strong sustainability policy, Aventus actioned ambitious electric vehicle charging targets which were entirely justified when EV owners used the units within 3 hours of them becoming operational. 

As sector leaders we have a role in driving industry best practice, as well as supporting initiatives that encourage the use of electric vehicles, as well as other sustainability initiatives and processes.

- Aventus Group CEO Darren Holland. 
Shopping centre EV charging

For shopping centres, installing electric car charging should be a competitive priority as well as a sustainability target.

We believe in supporting local manufacturing & jobs, which is why we recommend & supply domestically made AC & DC charging units…the only Australian EV charging network to do so.

EVUp is regularly assisting with the strategic deployment of electric car charging across Australia & New Zealand that look attractive & encourage the uptake of electric vehicles for cleaner cities & a brighter future.

EVUp. Charge happy.

Is your shopping centre EV friendly?

We’d love to add your shopping centre site to our growing network. Simply get in touch by email or phone & we’ll send you an introductory EV AC & DC charging proposal that outlines who we are & how we work.

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