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Welcome to the EVUp EV charging network!

We’re building an intelligent, integrated and connected EV charging network across Australia and New Zealand to help electric car drivers access reliable and efficient charging in places they work, shop and play.

We're adding new electric car charging stations to our network every week right across Australia and NZ. This makes us the fastest growing Charge Point Operator in Australia. 

Reliable EV charging solutions for Australia and NZ

Reliable charging means quality hardware, locally developed and supported software and local passionate EV literate staff. No longer is EV charging a flight of fancy for the hobbyist or enthusiast. And neither are electric cars the preserve of the elite. The Australian public deserve a reliable ev charging network so they can go about their work and play unhindered. 

EVUp electric car charger station map 

All EVUp electric car chargers are listed here and on Plugshare. Most are accessible without a phone app and many are currently on free vend. EV Charging stations are being added to our network on a regular basis so check back often and subscribe to our socials.

New to EV driving? Download Plugshare - Australia and NZ

If you’re new to EV driving, we recommend the PlugShare app which lists every publicly available electric car charge point in Australia and NZ (including those by EVUp!). Simply use as you would any map, click on the pin to find out more about the electric charge site location and remember to check in when charging so the site owner can measure demand and scale EV charging up accordingly.

Are EV charging stations free in Australia?

Currently, most locations on our EV charging network are completely free to use. As monetised EV charging stations are added they’ll feature one of three contactless payment methods - Paypass, App or RFID card - so you can quickly and easily plug-in your electric car and go.

Setting up EV charging in this way supports universally accepted cashless payment methods that EV drivers use every day.  

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