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Queensland's Electric Super Highway: Townsville Council

17 May 2024

Townsville Council in Queensland has recently unveiled a cutting-edge dual-port EV charger, the AURIGA by EVUp, designed and manufactured right here in Australia. 

This state-of-the-art charger is set to transform the public EV charging landscape as part of Queensland's Electric Super Highway, connecting destinations along the coast to alleviate range anxiety for long haul electric road trips.

By offering EV charging, Townsville council has increased tourism to the area, with drivers being able to find the chargers on Plugshare and UpCharge.

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Dual-Port AURIGA EV Charger: Powering Tomorrow's Mobility

The AURIGA charger boasts dual-port functionality, allowing two vehicles to charge simultaneously. With a charging capability of up to 22kW, it provides rapid charging, enabling electric car drivers to top up their batteries quickly and efficiently. This is particularly beneficial for busy urban areas like Townsville, where EV adoption is on the rise, and the demand for charging infrastructure is growing.

Public Electric Car Charging in Queensland

The charger at Townsville council is free to use for EV owners. This move not only encourages more people to switch to electric vehicles but also promotes equitable access to charging infrastructure, making sustainable transportation a viable option for everyone in the community.

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As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, initiatives like the dual-port AURIGA charger set a benchmark for electric car charging infrastructure development across Australia. Townsville Council's proactive approach not only benefits current EV owners but also encourages more individuals and businesses to embrace sustainable mobility solutions.

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