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AMES Chooses EVUp To Help Staff Drive Electric

11 February 2023

EVUp is proud to have been chosen as preferred supplier to AMES Australia as EV Charging partner. 

As companies strive to adopt more environmentally friendly practices, one area that is gaining attention is the deployment of public electric car chargers in corporate car parks. With the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), having access to a charging station is crucial for drivers who want to take advantage of the many benefits that EVs offer. This is especially important for EV drivers who may have challenges installing EV chargers at home, for example in an apartment building. 

AMES Australia, being responsible corporate citizens, believe that making EVs more accessible and convenient is a crucial step towards a greener future. That's why they recently deployed a number of EVUp public electric car chargers at the Box Hll offices car park, providing a much-needed charging solution for their employees, visitors and customers.

The Benefits of Electric Cars in Australia

Electric cars are increasingly popular, and for good reason. They produce zero emissions, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to ICE cars. They also have lower operating costs, as electricity is way cheaper than petrol. And with advancements in battery technology, EVs are becoming more practical and convenient, with longer ranges and faster charging times.

For those who already own an EV, having access to a charging station at work makes it easier to integrate EVs into their daily routine. With a public electric car charger in the workplace, employees can top up their batteries during the workday, eliminating the need to worry about finding a charging station on the way home.

For visitors and customers, a public electric car charger in the company car park is a sign that the company is making an effort to support the transition to EVs. This can be a selling point for customers who want to do business with a company that takes its environmental responsibility seriously.

Deploying Public Electric Car Chargers Within a Workplace Car Park

Deploying public electric car chargers in a workplace car park requires careful planning and preparation. There are several factors that need to be considered, including the number of charging stations required, the type of charging station to install, and the electrical infrastructure necessary to support the charging stations.

At AMES, we worked closely with the facilities manager to design and implement our public electric car charger project. We recommended the installation Level 2 charging stations, which provide a faster charging speed than standard Level 1 chargers but no where near as expensive as Level 3 DC Chargers. This was important as we wanted to provide a convenient, cost effective and practical charging solution for AMES employees, visitors, and customers.

We also considered the electrical infrastructure necessary to support the charging stations, ensuring that the car park had the necessary power supply and network comms to operate the charging stations safely and efficiently. This involved upgrading the electrical supply to the car park and installing the necessary electrical connections and 4G comms for the charging stations.

Power is nothing without control (and powerful EV Charging software from EVUp)

A critical component of the solution is our UpCharge Billing software which enables easy monitoring, management and monestisation of any EV charger. AMES are now able to cross charge for any charging sessions, track usage and trends.

Upcharge further enables quick, easy and reliable charging by drivers. Charging can be initiated by app, QR code, RFID or Paypass (Credit card). For venue operators, they gain real time data and control of the valuable and critical asset in additional to obviously collecting revenue for the charging sessions. 

The Final Result

With the EVUp public electric car chargers now fully operational, we are proud to say that AMES Australia is now a more environmentally friendly and convenient place. The employees can charge their EVs during the day, reducing their carbon footprint and making their daily commutes more practical. And for visitors and customers, the public electric car chargers are a sign of their commitment to sustainability and the environment.

In conclusion, deploying public electric car chargers in your car park is a positive step towards a greener future. It provides employees, visitors, and customers with a convenient and practical charging solution, and shows a commitment to sustainability and the environment. With the rise of EVs, we believe that having public electric car chargers in corporate car parks will become increasingly important in the coming years. 

Plugshare link - AMES - Electric Car Charging - 30 Prospect St, Box Hill VIC 3128, Australia - PlugShare

UpCharge Link - (no app required) - EvUp Charge

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