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E-fleet consulting

15 June 2020

E-fleet consulting with EVUp

Sometimes 'out of the box' hardware just won't work for your business.

The EVUp consulting team troubleshoot EV charging situations that require specialised solutions.

While the gradual transition of a commercial fleet to electric will be relatively straight forward for many businesses, particularly those operating in urban areas and driving slow and low distances, for industrial or construction related industries it may be a little trickier, especially for regional operations or niche vehicles.

By working closely with our partner company EVolution Australia, the EVUp consulting team specialises in e-mobility for fleets requiring specialty assistance with ICE to EV conversions, AC and DC EV charging infrastructure and custom-built charging hardware.

EV innovation...made in Melbourne

Our consultation is not theoretical; we design and manufacture AC EV charging hardware at our head office in Melbourne and have practical and ongoing experience in converting vehicles to electric drive. 

How e-fleet consulting works

A look at e-fleet use cases

Starting with the range of typical use cases within your current fleet, we’ll work with you to define your unique needs. 

This will include identifying how far your vehicles typically travel, how long they’re active for, and how much they’d need to be charged in a day or overnight. From a vehicle perspective, we’ll recommend a selection for a full EV flee; a mixture of battery electric (BEV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). 

Custom built EV charging hardware 

Out-of-the-box charging simply doesn’t work for every application. 

Our engineering team will work with you to define, design, customise and locally manufacture a charging solution for your fleet or site, that will integrate with current and future charging requirements. This includes both AC and rapid DC charging, and creates a bespoke solution to meet your e-fleet requirements.

Charging your EV fleet with green power

Key to the transition to low-emission vehicles is the use of self-generated or aggregated renewable energy to ‘fuel’ your e-fleet. 

Transitioning to a full e-fleet solution that includes renewable energy further reduces the carbon cost of your fleet vehicle operations. An integrated solution can be achieved through connection with workplace solar and storage, or a home-based solution that can be tracked for reimbursement to the driver. 

EV fleet driver training and implementation

Optimising EV fleet driving requires a change in mindset for drivers. 

To ensure a smooth transition to electric driving for fleet managers, we work with you to create customised in-person, online and in-vehicle EV driver training materials. Covering the basics of EV usage, regenerative braking and EV charging at home, workplace and in public, EV driver training ensures you’ll hit the road running smoothly.

E-fleet rollout strategy 

We believe the best way to start building your EV fleet is to create a plan that coincides with the end of vehicle lease periods.

We work closely with you to compare an e-fleet with your existing strategies and plan the most effective rollout strategy for your business including calculating payback period versus business as usual costs.


The EVUp network provides intelligent, integrated & connected electric vehicle charging solutions across Australia & New Zealand.

The electrification and optimisation of fleet vehicles is a major step towards reducing tailpipe emissions and drawing down on the damaging impacts of global warming.

We are proud to offer Australia designed and manufactured AC charging options that can be customised to meet specialised and specific business requirements.

Please contact us on 1300 EVUP 00 or to find out more.

EVUp. Charge happy.

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