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EV charging software platform

Turn key beautiful, intuitive and reliable EV Charging Software

UpCharge EV Drive is an all-in-one OCPP EV Charging Software platform for Charge Point Operators (CPO) and e-Mobility Service Providers (EMP).

EV Charger Infrastructure Management

  • Manage EV charging stations, chargers, and connectors
  • Monitor sessions, stations, and chargers
  • Smart energy management with load balancing
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Apply remote commands (reboot, firmware update, etc.)
  • Dashboard with real-time data and Google maps
  • Hardware flexibility through Open Charge Point Protocol – OCPP   

Venue and Driver Management

UpCharge provides you with an intuitive online electric car charger portal with a simple dashboard, enabling.

  • Connection of any OCPP-compatible hardware
  • Visibility of your EV charging network in real time
  • Remote stop & start of charging sessions
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Full access to OCPP logs
  • Tracking of energy usage & associated costs
  • A range of billing options
  • Priority support by the EVUp technical team Developed, hosted & supported locally, PCI compliant
  • API integration

Want to bill for electric car drivers for charging? We’re Ecommerce ready

Easy pay as you go billing for drivers and residents.

Easily monetise any EV Charger (and start generating revenue for your venue)

Differentiate your business, service, and offer with innovative EVUps cloud billing platform and its features:

  • Personalised offers, promotions, and advanced discounts
  • Set up complex price plans and tariff models
  • Flexible tariffs – per KW/h, per minute, etc.
  • Multiple tier pricing
  • Multiple currencies support
  • Integration with multiple payment gateways
  • Different payment options – Credit & Debit cards, Vouchers, Loyalty etc
  • Real-time charging with notifications
  • Billing & Invoicing

Beautiful and functional user interface

  • Intuitive interface
  • Charger map, availability & reservation
  • Find and navigate to an EV charger
  • Managing various payment options
  • Issue submission
  • Account balance
  • Charging session management
  • Charging history information

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