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Electric Vehicle Charging At Wineries and Motels

20 July 2022

How wineries are benefiting from Electric Car Chargers

Installing electric car chargers at his winery was a no brainer for David Ritchie! 

“It’s a great service for people because there isn’t an electric car charger for miles around, and it’s a way of drawing people into the winery. It also costs next to nothing and we will give it for free. To me it’s a no-brainer.” Says David.

With a powerful solar array that’s recently come online - this was the perfect opportunity to install some more facilities for his customers and put his winery on the map… literally!

This once off investment saw David Ritchie’s business pop up on maps such as Plugshare instantly. Plugshare is an electric car charger port finder which has tens of thousands of users, daily. 

Did we mention this return on investment happens, quite literally the second your chargers go live?

Bring in new customers to your business, from wineries to hotels/motels - who would like to relax while their electric car charges on clean energy!

Because what better way for Delatite dwellers to sit back and relax – knowing their electric car is charging while they sip?

Features include multiple and flexible billing, including by the hour, by kWh and by consumer type. Load management and balancing across groups or pools of EV charging units. An easy-to-use dashboard so you can find real-time and historic data, such as power usage and charge times.

 This case study is the perfect example of what EV chargers can do for your business - we truly can’t think of a reason NOT to install EV chargers at your business.   

David Ritchie is one of the savvy people helping to lead a wave of eco-tourism: all based around the availability of Electric car chargers! (Talk about staying ahead of the pack).

Because Electric car drivers are on the hunt for locations with chargers where they can sit down and relax, many businesses have seen an instant return on investment!

“We have lots of examples where establishments like wineries, hotels and motels put chargers in and they get calls from drivers straight away wanting to check in!” says Russel.  Russ Shepherd is the founder of EVolution, a Melbourne-based company that provides and installs electric car chargers.

But it’s not just small businesses that can benefit. Shepherd says Electric vehicle owners quickly change their behavior depending on where they can get a top-up.

For example, they have evidence from market research and from customer feedback that a Westfield in Woden in the ACT that is fitted with chargers is being favored by EV drivers over another nearby Westfield at Belconnen.

The other piece of evidence is that the Belconnen center has been in touch with EVolution about having electric vehicle chargers installed so its customers can also shop, eat or watch a movie while their car charges.

So what does this case study tell us?

Zappi is the answer!

For the small initial investment of a few thousand dollars, Ritchie has found that his EV chargers bring in new customers who are travelling across the country, who wouldn’t have come to his winery in Mansfield and instead, would have otherwise stopped at another publicly available EV charger.  

Want to make a lifelong investment in your business?  Install some EV chargers today – before you get left behind! 

We love to talk all things electric vehicles!  

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