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Generate EV Revenue

Do you own a commercial or retail business and are looking at easy ways to boost your company’s profits or simply attract EV drivers to your venue?

Partnering with EVUp provides you with a simple yet effective way to offer your customers reliable electric car charging at your site, do your part towards supporting low emission transport, as well as giving you an opportunity to increase revenue within your business.

If you are looking to add in a new long-term option that is not only sustainable, but also cost effective for you as a vendor, then adding EV charging stations to your site can help unlock a new green revenue stream increasing your benefits as a business owner.

We work with Australian designed and manufactured charging units that are purpose built to withstand our weather conditions and perfect for Aussie EV drivers. Our charging stations are incredibly simple and easy to operate.

Whether you are looking at adding one, two or three charging stations to your premises, our team at EVUp can help you by discussing the benefits of offering this to your customers, as well as providing on-going maintenance and software support. 

You may be wondering:

  • How do I make money?
  • I want to sell power, how does it work?
  • I’m ready to go, what do I need to get started? 
EV Charging

There are three ways in which having charging units on your premises can help increase revenue.

You may choose to charge for power from the unit itself, or perhaps offer a free charging service, and while your consumers are waiting for their electric vehicles to charge, you can engage with them to drive more sales directly through your business.

The benefits that on-site EV charging can provide you with are not only long-term, but also come with the opportunity for even more growth as the number of EV drivers increases year after year. Partnering with EVUp you will find our team will be happily to discuss how scaling up over time can work for you.

We have developed sophisticated and simple software so you can begin the process to making EV Revenue. We make it easy to understand, getting you set up quickly to start your EV journey in a simplified way. 

Your path to a new green revenue stream
  • Install a pre staged Ev Charger already on our network
  • Install a Paypass enabled AURIGA
  • Enable a charger you already own using the enrollment process here 
  • We install your new EV charging station (or convert your current chargers onto our network)

Ready for a new revenue stream?

If you are a Venue Operator and are ready to optimize and monetize your business, follow the link below to setup your account in less than 10 minutes. 

Or if you have lots of questions...

Or multiple sites to consider, our team can provide EV Charging Advice or provide you with a detailed Quote, we also provide Software as a Service and can integrate with your POS system feel free to get in touch we’re here to help get you started!   

EVUp Resellers

If you’re looking to make a real difference in the journey to a more sustainable future, join the EVUp Reseller Program. Utilising the same sophisticatedly simple software, you will be able to make EV Revenue by helping vendors establish their own EV Charging Stations on our network. For more information, please contact us directly.

AURIGA EV Pedestal Charger for NSW Grant
White Labelled Charging units

For our large franchise and chain stores we have the capacity within our network to establish “Your Brand” as an EV Charging destination store. Our sophisticated software will allow you to manage all of your stores outputs and pricing from a centralised login with end consumers seeing “Your Brand” as being part of a more sustainable future. Read more on our EV Consulting and for additional information on please contact us directly. 

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