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EV charging for car stackers

10 March 2021

Our team have become experts at charging parked electric vehicles...but what about cars that are constantly moving?

The rapidly increasing transition to electric vehicles, combined with the need to use urban parking spaces intelligently, posed an interesting challenge for the EVUp consulting team.

For drivers who are short on space, car stackers - or multiparking systems - are a cost effective way to utilise otherwise wasted space. But, if you want to electrify your transport, how do you charge these vehicles in such an unorthodox environment?

Until recently, the answer has been simple; you can't. The combination of heavy moving objects in confined spaces and sensitive high voltage equipment is not something that lends itself to providing an optimal charging environment for vehicles.

However, in partnership with the Australian team of global multistacker giant Klaus Multiparking, the EVUp consulting team were able to develop an innovative method of enabling EV charging into car stacker 'pallets', that has opened the door to electric vehicle charging for users of these systems. 

EV charging for car stacker systems in apartments

In addition to examining a large Multi Vario system in central Melbourne, we recently installed charging for development company Schiavello for Alumuna Apartments in Port Melbourne.

The EV charging solution installed enables drivers to:

  • Use a standard EV charging cable, without having to purchase specialist equipment
  • Retains OCPP wireless monitoring and management features
  • Manage cables to avoid 'snipping' while the vehicle is in motion on the pallet

Electric vehicle charging that's compatible with every car stacker system

By modifying the installation of an EV charger, we are able to overcome the many challenges that have previously made this type of installation impractical, while retaining all the original features of the charging system. 

For more information, or a formal quote for car stacker EV charging, we welcome you to contact our team.

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