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Aussie made EV charging for public sites

As of the start of 2019, automotive manufacturers are investing over $150 billion in the production of electric vehicles to meet strong & increasing demand in overseas markets.

Thanks to strong government climate policy, electric vehicles are becoming common on New Zealand roads, powered by an 80% renewable energy grid.

And many Australian drivers are delaying the purchase of their next vehicle in order to hold out for an electric vehicle that will suit their budget, size & range requirements.

It’s clear the transition to low-emission transport is gathering rapid pace, however we find that many Council & Government units have similar challenges as the private sector when considering EV charging.

When we first speak to all levels of government, we’re primarily assisting with a range of questions that can be summarised like this:

  • Where is the domestic EV market at currently…& where is it going?
  • When is the right time to electrify our fleet & install EV charging?
  • What type of EV charging should we install?
  • Where should EV charging be located?
  • Should we charge for EV charging?

The nuances of electric vehicle charging for Council or government sites can be complex, but we’ve worked on a wide range of projects & people to understand how to strategically formulate a bespoke solution.

We’ll work with you to understand site & user requirements before recommending intelligent & integrated EV charging products that can be controlled & monitored via a smartphone app.

Case study:

Redlands Council, which covers a stretch of Queensland coast, have been introducing a mix of electric & plug in electric cars to their fleet as ICE vehicles reach end of contract.

To strategically manage both Council site & home usage monitoring, they chose dual port 22kW ChargeAmps AURAs & 7kW ChargeAmps HALOs respectively. The intelligent & integrated online smartphone management of these units allows Redlands Council to track onsite charge costs, as well as reimburse staff charging electric vehicles at their private residence.

(Council is) embracing new and cost effective technologies especially in the automotive race to zero-emission targets. Electrification of the fleet, powered by sustainable and renewable sources, reduces running costs and gains better value for the ratepayer.

- Jon Horsey, Redland Council.
Council Evolution Chargers

As electric uptake continues to accelerate in Australia & New Zealand, residents within your municipality, state or territory will require – & demand – accessible & reliable public charging.

Additionally, in line with climate emergency declarations & policies that many levels of government are now putting in place, the diversification of your fleet vehicles to low-emission technology will become a priority.

We believe in building local manufacturing, skills & jobs, so make & supply our own Victorian-made AC charging units, as well as DC units made in Queensland…the only Australian EV charging network to do so.

Charge happy with EVUp.

Like to discuss your options?

If you’d like to discuss electric vehicle charging options for your council or government site, we welcome you to get in touch to find out how to join our growing network of EV charging sites.

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