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Electric Car Charging: Where to Begin

07 November 2022

"We don't know anything about EV Charging!". Is how the call started with Mansfield Apartments.

Right now, this language is super normal for businesses small and not so small, apartment buildings, wineries, motels. 

Businesses understand the need to attract EV drivers in their Hyundai, Datsuns and Teslas to their venues. In the case of apartment buildings they further know that EV Chargers are an absolute necessity for drivers of electric cars if they're to go about their normal business such as picking up the kids from school, going to Coles or indeed driving the electric car to work. 

"How do we bill for EV charging?" 

Great question. The beautie of EVUp is our complete charging eco system and four easy ways to pay. The easiest payment gateway is via our QR system. 

With the AURIGA series of chargers and its intuitive QR Code, you just scan, there are no Apps, No accounts, No calls, No card payment.

Just Scan, Pay and Charge.

..and Just Add Power!

Back to Mansfield apartments. They went with two AURIGA dual port pedestal chargers with 4G connection. So no need to use expensive pedestals and no need to route internet to the parking garage - both time and money savers!. The AURIGA units simply needed to provided power and they instantly showed up on the UpCharge App and Plugshare.

Better still on the day of installation, a tenant turned up with her freshly minted Tesla to top up. The timing couldn't have been any more perfect!

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