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Powercor Partners With EVUp for Electric Green Fleet Transition

09 May 2023

EVUp is proud to support Powercor, one of the largest electricity generators in Australia, in its ambitions for green fleet. 

Powercor supplies electricity across 64% of Victoria, they have to be ready for anything! As a business committed to proactively reducing the environmental impact of its business, Powercor was keen to electrify its fleet but needed a fleet management solution that understood the demands of operating the network 24/7.

It can be difficult to know where to start when electrifying your fleet. Luckily Powercor understood the importance of reliable EV charging infrastructure and using a mature charging partner. At EVUp we’ve got everything you need for an electric car fleet. Since the installation of EVUp chargers in February of this year, Powercor has been charging happy’ and making the most of our excellent software and expert training and maintenance.

What is the best EV charging solution for Fleets?    

Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations are considered the best EV charging solution for Fleets as they offer the best blend of fast charging capabilities. For Powercor, we deployed several dual port AURIGA 60kW DC fast chargers, capable of simultaneous and sequential charging, blended with the ever-reliable GARO GLB units for a slower but still very effective charge rate.

EVUp also provided Powercor with the ability to connect all their chargers to the UpCharge EV fleet management software, giving them maximum control and visibility. What a bonus!

By blending DC fast charging and AC Level2 charging, EVUp gave Powercor the best of both worlds. They now can choose the most suitable charging option for each vehicle and driving situation; ensuring that electric fleet vehicles have enough charge to meet the demands of the job, while also preserving battery health for a longer lifespan!

What are you waiting for, see what UpCharge has to offer your company today. 

UpCharge: Reliable, Centralised And Powerful EV Charging Software

At EVUp we recognise the importance of EV charging fleet software to manage charging infrastructure. Our UpCharge solution has provided Powercor fleet managers with reliable, centralised, and powerful EV charging software.

UpCharge is an essential tool for managing charging infrastructure and ensuring that your electric fleet vehicles are charged efficiently and effectively. With real-time insights into the charging process, UpCharge allows fleet operators to make informed decisions and optimize the use of the charging infrastructure. That's why we believe we're the best electric car fleet management software.

Charge Happy with  EVUp 

Training and Handover for EV Electric Fleet Drivers

As part of the installation process for Powercor, EVUp offered training for electric vehicle (EV) fleet managers, drivers and operators. Powercor values safe and equitable workplaces, they knew that you need training for EV fleet drivers to ensure the safe, efficient, and cost-effective operation of an EV fleet, as well as for improving customer satisfaction and making sure your fleet complies with regulations. Thanks to the team at EVUp, Powercor now has a fully functioning, safely managed, electric fleet management solution! 

 Are you still questioning what is the best fleet management system for your business? 

Why not contact our team for answers?

Training and Handover at Powercor

Electric Car Charger Maintenance and Support

Powercor understands the importance of a well-maintained and supported charging infrastructure, and we taught them how. EVUp continued to provide maintenance and support to Powercor, ensuring that their chargers are always in great working condition, providing a safe environment for users.

Since installing fleet charging units for Powercor, we’ve carried out regular checks of the equipment, including electrical connections, charging cords, and user interfaces. We’ve prevented potential hazards and ensured a reliable charging experience for the fleet.

Facing technical issues with your fleet? Choose EVUp for proactive responsive support. Our well-maintained and supported charging infrastructure helps to reduce wait times and ensure that charging stations are available when needed!

Want to find out more? Contact us on 1300 388 700 or email

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