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AURA...sleek Swedish design

Meet the AURA electric car charger by Charge-Amps. Smart and attractive by-design.

This is a genuinely beautiful and incredibly competent EV charger designed for use within apartments and public car parks. 

We highly recommended the AURA which is a dual port (2 x 22Kw) three phase EV charger from Swedish company, Charge Amps. We love the AURA for the following reasons:

Compatible with all makes and model of electric cars on sale in Australia and NZ (yes even Tesla). The  AURA EVSE / charger is suited to both domestic and commercial applications.

If you’d like to know more about the Charge Amps AURA electric car charger, please get in touch with the EVUp team.

Robust Swedish design for Aussie conditions

Surface area for your branding

Backed by OCPP software

Monitored & monetised

2 easy charging ports

Auto night illumination

Closed loop, 100% recyclable

Charge Amps AURA

We need agility to service all technologies moving forward, especially in the automotive race to zero-emission targets. Our EV charging network is a customer driven imperative and we have seen a positive interest from day one of installation.

- Steve Grossrieder, Jax Tyres CEO

Charge Amps AURA
EV network locations.

Our range of charging products, including the Charge Amps AURA EV charging unit, have been deployed & are being used by site and EV owners in these EVUp network locations (with more being regularly added).

Would you like more information about the Charge Amps AURA EV charger?

We're planning to deploy a number of Charge Amps AURA chargers across Australia & New Zealand to better connect EV drivers with fast charging.

If you'd like to know more about the Charge Amps AURA, just enter your name & email address below or give us a call & we'll send you a printable EV AC & DC charging proposal, complete with workflow, billing & support information.

Charge happy with EVUp.
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