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Auto & petrol

Connected EV charging for auto aftermarket & fuel stations

Transitioning to new technology can often create uncertainty in any industry & this is true of traditional automotive & petrol station businesses.

As electric vehicles continue to gain market share, all auto & petrol businesses can prepare for this transport transition by accessing impartial advice & information.

As the cost & range of EVs reach parity with traditionally fuelled vehicles, auto & petrol customers will choose businesses that are future-proofing their services with convenient & accessible EV charging.

When speaking to clients in this industry, the EVUp team are commonly asked a range of questions including:

  • When is the right time to install EV charging?
  • What charge rate should we offer?
  • Which EV charging products are best for our site?
  • Where should EV charging spaces be located?
  • Can’t we just install some Tesla charging points?

Successfully deploying electric vehicle charging at auto & petrol sites can be complex, with a range of considerations such as the location of the business, number of car parking spaces available & supply of power to the site.

Having a solution that is scalable as demand increase, as well as appealing to as many EV drivers as possible, are also important factors.

The successes we’ve built with current & ongoing EV charging partnerships have been built on patient planning & strategic decisions to best suit customer requirements.

On all EV charging units, we can integrate your branding as well as loyalty card or memberships for remarketing opportunities.

Case study:

When JAX Tyres set targets to deploy EV charging to each of their 89 sites across Australia, they made a commitment to provide ‘forever free’ charging with ChargeAmp AURAs being rolled out to each location. The aim was to build loyalty in their brand, articulate their sustainability goals & position themselves as a forward-thinking brand in step with market trends.

We need agility to service all technologies moving forward, especially in the automotive race to zero-emission targets. Our EV charging network is a customer driven imperative and we have seen a positive interest from day one of installation.

- Steve Grossrieder, JAX Tyres CEO
EV charging for auto & petrol

We believe in offering impartial advice & consultation for as long it takes for your auto or petrol business to make strategic decisions about retrofitting or forward planning onsite EV charging.

We’re proud to be growing & supporting Australian manufacturing & innovation by supplying locally-made AC & DC EV charging products…the only Australian EV charging network to do so.

When you join the EVUp network, we’ll recommend & install integrated & intelligent EV charging for your auto or petrol location, connecting you to a growing EV community across Australia & New Zealand.

EVUp. Charge happy.

Join our growing EV network!

We’d love to have you join us…for more information, please get in touch by email or phone & we’ll send you a printable EV AC & DC charging proposal.

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