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Charging software

EV charging software developed in Australia

Intelligent, integrated & connected.

The software that connects the EVUp network has been built from the ground up by our team in strategic partnership with Australian software developers.

Creating it in this way has allowed us to:

  • Connect a growing network of EVUp EV charging units across Australia & New Zealand
  • Integrate with customer loyalty programs & apps
  • Intelligently sync with onsite, self-generated renewable energy systems
  • Provide strong customer-focused tech & troubleshooting support for site owners & EV drivers

If you wish to monetise your EV charging unit, we recommend & can arrange the installation of a PayPass unit that provides a frictionless payment method for up to 2 chargers (4 ports) suitable for cards or smartphone payments.

Based on overseas trends, we believe easy & universal methods of payment will become mainstream, rather than smartphone apps that require log ins.

As BEVs & PHEVs move into common use in Australia & New Zealand, we’re working with businesses, organisations & site owners to plan & install strategic EV charging locations that will meet the growing demand for reliable & robust units.

We believe in supporting local manufacturing & jobs, which is why we’ve partnered with an Australian software developer, manufacture our own AC charging unit in Victoria & also supply DC charging units made in Queensland…the only Australian EV charging network to do so.

If you’d like to know more about our EV charging software, we invite you to get in touch.

EVUp. Charge happy.

EVUp provides intelligent, integrated & connected electric vehicle charging solutions in all areas, regional & urban, across Australia & New Zealand.

We believe in accelerating EV uptake by providing attractive & family-friendly charging options in the places where people work, shop & play.

By raising awareness & understanding of EVs & how they work through visible charging stations, site owners can ease concerns about range anxiety & assist the transition to low-emission transport for cleaner cities & a brighter future.

EVUp are proud to offer Australian made AC & DC charging options…the only Australian EV charging network to do so.

EVUp. Charge happy.

Innovators in EV charging software... 

To find out more, please get in touch by email or phone & we’ll send you an AC & DC EV charging proposal that outlines installation, billing & support information.  

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