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Developers & estimators

EV charging for green developments

As EV uptake accelerates globally, integrating electric car charging in new development projects is no longer an afterthought…it is best practice.

Attractive & efficient EV charging spaces for communal living, retail, commercial or government buildings provides alignment with sustainability goals & adds value to owners & tenants.

It also attracts people to live or work within that building, as they individually consider the purchase of an EV or PHEV in line with their personal sustainability goals & ambitions.

We offer advice & consultation to assist in the planning & preparation of your estimation or development project, including answers to the questions:

  • What electrical supply requirements should we consider?
  • Which location is best for EV charging spaces?
  • How much real estate should we allocate?
  • How will EV charging be managed?
  • Should we monetise EV charging & how will that be managed?

Successful integration of EV charging into planned developments takes into account a range of factors to ensure a smooth & beneficial charging partnership.

We believe that providing intelligent & connected EV charging products that meet your current requirements, but which can scale up as demand increases, is key to this success.

Impartial consultation & strategic support is vital when estimating & planning electric vehicle charging spaces for your development project.

We believe in growing & supporting Australian manufacturing & innovation by promoting locally-made AC & DC electric vehicle charging products…the only Australian EV charging network to do so.

Joining the EVUp network will provide integrated & intelligent EV charging for your development project, & connect you to a growing community of strategic charging sites across Australia & New Zealand.

Charge happy with EVUp.

Like to discuss your green development?

For intelligent & integrated electric vehicle charging for your development, please get in touch by email or phone & we’ll send you a printable EV AC & DC charging proposal.  

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