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Intelligent EV charging at your workplace

Electric vehicles are not just becoming the transport of choice for fleet managers but are probably on the wish list for many of your team & visitors to your business.

Providing intelligent EV charging at your workplace is affordable and provides an environment in which staff will feel their sustainability concerns are being addressed & where potential employees will want to work.

As the Australian electric vehicle market continues to gain pace, boosted by used & imported EVs, you may wish to also consider monetising your EV charging for use by the wider EV community.

When considering electric car charging, a range of questions are commonly asked of our team, including:

  • When should we install EV charging?
  • How is the charge rate managed?
  • Which EV charging units are best for our workplace?
  • Where should EV charging parking spaces be located?
  • Why shouldn’t we just install some Tesla charging points?

While these considerations can be complex, we’ll always offer impartial advice that engages all stakeholders & provides the best & most cost-effective option.

Being able to scale up your EV charging as more people at your workplace invest in low-emission personal transport will also future-proof your site.

We believe successful EV charging is built by providing solutions that comprehensively consider a complete array of factors.

Case study:

For a long time, Phillip Island was just out of reach for EVs & there appears to be no government-led EV charging infrastructure planned for the area. With a growing population of over 3500 people & plenty of local businesses at which an EV driver could stop for a coffee, we were delighted to partner with a local business owner who wanted to install free EV charging at his workplace.

I don’t own an EV myself, but wanted to attract EV owners who use Koo Wee Rup to visit local wineries or travel to Phillip Island. The charger is extremely popular, giving visitors a chance to patronise local businesses while encouraging uptake amongst locals. 

- Malcolm Brown, Environmental Consultant.

We believe working with businesses to install EV charging will encourage the uptake of electric vehicles for fleet & personal use, aligning with increasing efforts the private sector is making to reduce their carbon emissions.

Supporting Australian & New Zealand businesses is important to the EVUp team, as we are proud to manufacture our own AC EV charger in Victoria, as well as supply & install the Queensland-made Tritium Veefil unit.

When you join EVUp, you’re installing integrated & intelligent EV charging for your workplace which will connect you to a growing EV network across Australia & New Zealand.

We’re accelerating the deployment of EV charging to increase awareness of low-emission transport for cleaner cities & a brighter future.

EVUp. Charge happy.

Making workplaces EV friendly!

For more information, please get in touch by email or phone & we’ll send you a printable EV AC & DC charging proposal.

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