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Public car parks

Durable & weather resistant EV charging for open spaces

We believe that convenience is key for public car park electric vehicle charging.

Commuters leaving their EV at train stations, families visiting tourism attractions & staff driving fleet vehicles have the same common desire; to access opportune & efficient public electric vehicle charging wherever they leave their car.

As electric vehicles continue to move into mainstream use, public car park owners & managers who want to future-proof their site & establish a loyal regular community of parking users, face a range of complexities:

  • When is the right time to install EV charging?
  • How much real estate should we allocate to EV charging?
  • Where should EV chargers be located?
  • How will electric car charging be managed?
  • Should we charge for EV charging, or offer it as a value-add service?
  • How will energy usage & charging rates be managed?

Careful & strategic consideration of the location, accessibility, footfall & electricity supply has driven the success of our current & ongoing EV charging partnerships with public car park site owners & managers.

Providing a range of intelligent & connected electric vehicle charging products that not only suit current demand, but which can scale with increased uptake is vital to this success.

Case study:

Nature & wildlife attractions are the cornerstone of Phillip Island’s success as a tourist hotspot, with over 3.5 million visitors each year. As a tourism & nature sanctuary with strong environmental strategies, Bass Coast Shire in partnership with Public Transport Victoria actioned the installation of all-EV compatible GARO Wallbox chargers, as well as Tesla destination chargers at the Cowes Transit Centre. 

Phillip Island will be a carbon-neutral community by 2030 through our collective efforts to use clean and efficient energy, reduce pollution and offset carbon emissions.

- Bass Coast Shire Council / Totally Renewable Phillip Island.

Convenient & strategically located electric vehicle charging within public car parks assists sustainability goals, business competitiveness & future proofs your site.

We believe in creating local manufacturing & jobs, so recommend & supply domestically made AC & DC charging units…the only Australian EV charging network to do so.

The EVUp network is deploying electric vehicle charging to public car parking sites across Australia & New Zealand to accelerate awareness & uptake of Evs for cleaner cities & a brighter future.

EVUp. Charge happy.

Making public car parking EV ready! 

If you’d like to find out more about EV charging for your public car park, we welcome you to get in touch by email or phone. We’ll send you a printable EV AC & DC charging proposal that outlines installation, billing & support information.

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