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The leading DC charging.

Easy 50kW DC fast charging. 
Made by Australian-owned company, Tritium.

We’re delighted to partner with such an inspirational Aussie company & are working with Tritium to install 50kW DC chargers at sites across Australia & New Zealand.

The key features of the Tritium Veefil include:

  • Proudly designed & made in Australia by Tritium
  • Durable design for public use
  • Two ports – Chademo & CCS2
  • Troubleshooting & support package available

The Tritium Veefil DC charger is:

  • Liquid-cooled to control heat & reduce wear on internal components
  • Designed to function in all environments, from inner city to remote areas
  • A small footprint, allowing for ease of installation & access at charging sites
  • Slimline, so it fits into compact spaces 
  • Easy to install, reducing set up costs & installation timeframe

Veefil’s flat surfaces mean:

  • The front & rear are perfect for decals that share usage instructions
  • Your corporate branding can be communicated to customers, whether they’re charging or not

The Veefil DC charger is also:

  • Able to be connected to portal access
  • Able to be used by any EV or PHEV on the Australian or NZ market
  • Usable with a variable charge rate from 10kW to suit site power requirements
  • Compatible with RFID & OCPP software

Robust design for Aussie conditions

Proudly Australian made

OCPP software connected

2 charge ports

Flat surfaces for your branding

Closed loop, materials reclaimed at end of life

Monitored & monetised


Since launching its first DC fast-charger in 2014, Tritium has ridden the gathering EV wave, establishing itself as a leading global supplier with installations in more than 29 countries and a workforce of more than 300 people, spread across Brisbane, Los Angeles and Amsterdam.


Tritium Veefil
EV network locations.

Our range of charging products, including the Tritium Veefil EV charging unit, have been deployed & are being used by site and EV owners in these EVUp network locations (with more being regularly added).

Would you like more information about the Tritium Veefil EV charger?

We're planning to deploy a number of Tritium Veefil chargers across Australia & New Zealand to better connect EV drivers with fast charging.

If you'd like to know more about the Tritium Veefil, just enter your name & email address below or give us a call & we'll send you a printable EV AC & DC charging proposal, complete with workflow, billing & support information.

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