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The AURIGA CC - Credit Card EV Charger

AURIGA - Credit Card EV Charger

No subscriptions, no internet required. Just add power.

Easily generate revenue for your venue with our turn key stand alone credit card EV Electric car charger, the AURIGA. No internet required, just add power from 1.4kW to 22kW.

No cumbersome, tedious apps to worry about. The driver simply selects how much power they want and then taps their credit card or phone to energise the charger.

We can arrange installation or you can use your encumbent installation to perform the work.  All very easy. 

Compatible with all makes and model of EVs and PHEVs on the market (even Tesla), this EVSE / charger is suited to all commercial locations. It is also excellent value and can be further be upgraded to include Wi-Fi and monitoring and be monetised in the future.

Install this AC unit as a 7kW (single phase) or 22kW (three phase) single Type 2 port hardware for fast, of electric vehicles that provides between 40 to 100 kilometres of range per hour of charge.

This simple-to-use electric vehicle charging unit is made right here in Melbourne & is the only AC charger with official Made in Australia registration...while some see a green & gold kangaroo logo, we see local jobs, skills & innovation in one of the world's fastest growing sectors.

Cost effective installation, simple driver billing

The AURIGA EV AC electric car charger is easy & efficient to install:

  • Accessible power connection, floor or rear cable entry
  • Internal RCBO Type B with DC leakage protection
  • No pedestal required

Bill EV drivers for charging sessions quickly & anonymously. No app or subscriptions required.

Charge electric cars & e-bikes, improve site security

The key features of the AURIGA Credit Card EV charger include:

  • Proudly designed & made in Australia by EVolution
  • Single Type 2 port which can charge up to 22kW
  • Compatible with every EV, PHEV currently available on the Australian & NZ market

The AURIGA AC EV charger is flexible & durable:

  • Feature rich & future proof, with automated night illumination
  • Capable of being monitored, managed & monetised - standard or OCPP
  • ΩTemperature & UV resistant, rated IP55 / IK10

The AURIGA’s electric car charger modular construction means it’s easy to upgrade in future & you have lots of large flat areas for branding & advertising.

Get a quote or email the EVUp team at or call 1300 EVUP 00.

Auto night illumination

Single Type 2 22kW charge port

Intuitive, familiar user experience

Robust design for Aussie conditions

Flat surfaces for your branding

Backed by OCPP software

Monitored & monetised

Closed loop, 100% recyclable

Proudly Australian made

Built for Australian weather conditions



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The AURIGA’S modular, closed loop design is the perfect fit for our community / Council electric vehicle charging project partnership. We also loved the fact it’s made in Victoria and that we’re supporting local business. It means EV drivers will visit and stay in Buninyong for longer and spend money with local traders. The EVUp team were extremely responsive and professional, passionate experts in electric vehicle charging infrastructure and we couldn’t have delivered this project without them.​

- Andrew Aitken, Buninyong Sustainability Group.

AURIGA Credit Card EV Charger
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Our range of charging products, including the AURIGA Credit Card EV Charger EV charging unit, have been deployed & are being used by site and EV owners in these EVUp network locations (with more being regularly added).

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We're planning to deploy a number of AURIGA Credit Card EV Charger chargers across Australia & New Zealand to better connect EV drivers with fast charging.

If you'd like to know more about the AURIGA Credit Card EV Charger, just enter your name & email address below or give us a call & we'll send you a printable EV AC & DC charging proposal, complete with workflow, billing & support information.

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