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Commercial EV charging

Choose the best EV chargers for your project or commercial site

Intelligent, integrated, connected. electric car chargers.

The EVUp charger network is proud to offer a range of Australian-made & leading international EV charging products for your commercial, residential or government site.

Commercial charging hardware can be a complex topic, loaded with EV jargon, so we welcome you to give us a call if the information on this page isn't making sense!

Broadly, there are three hardware types to consider when talking about commercial EV charging hardware:

Basic destination or AC electric car chargers - Up to 22kW , no connectivity, monitoring or management options

Smart / connected destination or AC electric car chargers - Up to 22kW, OCPP compliant so capable of being monetised and managed

DC Fast Chargers - Up to 350kW DC Charging

​Depending on your commercial application - apartment buildings, workplaces, Government sites, shopping centre and public car parks - we'll talk you through which of these options will best suit, and future-proof, your EV charging infrastructure and needs.

To see how easy it is to join the EVUp network in Australia & New Zealand, please contact us.

AURIGA by EVolution

22kW AC EV charging. OCPP compliant. Multiple payment options
Modular, multi-functional & proudly made in Victoria.
Charge your EV, ebike, golf buggy & phone.

Tritium Veefil RT 50Kw DC Fast Charger

50kW DC Fast Charger. OCPP compliant
Made in Australia, exporting to over 30 countries.
Easy fast DC EV charging for urban, suburban and high traffic locations.

AURA by ChargeAmps

22kW AC EV charging. OCPP compliant.
Swedish design that’s attractive & durable.
Wall or floor mounted with our in-house fabricated pedestal.

Wallbox GLB Series EV charger by GARO

22kW AC EV charger by GARO, Available as basic or OCPP compliant

Compatible with all makes and model of EVs on the market (even Tesla), 

Wall or floor mounted with our in-house fabricated pedestal.

EV Link by Schnieder

22kW AC EV charging. OCPP compliant.
Functional design with branding space.
Wall or floor mounted with our in-house fabricated pedestal.

EO Universal EV Charger

22kW AC EV charger. Basic charge
Compact design for low visual impact.
Wall or floor mounted with our in-house fabricated pedestal.

EVUp. Charge happy.

Installing a commercial EV charging station not only promotes & articulates your company or organisation's sustainability plan, it will align you, your staff & clients with low-emission transport, accelerate EV uptake & assist in addressing our planet's climate emergency.

As the anxieties & barriers to EV driving are removed & battery technology rapidly improves, emerging & legacy automotive manufacturers are focused on electric driving as the future of personal & fleet transport. 

At the start of this decade, over 50% of new vehicles sold in some European countries were electric, & many others have declared bans on the sale of new internal combustion engine vehicles within 2-5 years.

We believe 2020s will see a dramatic shift in Australia & NZ away from petrol & diesel-fuelled transport. While the EV community of early adopters has led the uptake charge, EVs will shift into mainstream use for families, workplaces, logistics & government.  

That's why we recommend & supply AC & DC EV charging products that are eco-aware & future-proofed. 

EVUp is network of intelligent, integrated and connected AC & DC EV chargers owned & operated by an experienced & passionate Australian company. We invite you to charge happy with us.

Charge happy with EVUp.

Want to know more about commercial electric car chargers? 

Get in touch and we'll send you a electric car charging proposal with EV market information, plus workflow, billing & support processes.

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