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EVUp Policies

EV charging policies and procedures

EVUp, along with our partner company EVolution Australia, have an embedded range of policies and procedures to help our teams manage a range of business, environmental and safety considerations.

We're particularly passionate about reducing our e-waste, which is why EVUp and EVolution is the only Australian company group to have a dedicated recycling program for EV charging equipment; EVCycle creates five meals from one EV charging cable.

 In early 2019, we established this e-waste recycling program in partnership with social enterprise PonyUp For Good, who donate 50% of profits to food charity SecondBite who make meals for Aussies doing it tough. We are also the only Australian charge point operator with a closed loop policy on every product we supply.

Our complete set of policies and procedures can be downloaded from this page. Please contact the EVUp team if you have any questions. 

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