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Load managed EV charging solutions for body corporates

Working out how to install electric vehicle charging for EV owners who live in apartments under a body corporate can be challenging.

When working with apartment building managers in the past, we’ve found there are a number of questions that both the EV driver & body corporate representatives have:

  • Where can an EV charger be installed?
  • How do we convince all owners in the building that EV charging is a good idea?
  • How is energy usage and cost calculated?
  • What if there’s limited power supply to the building?
  • How is EV charging managed in an apartment building?

We advise those tackling EV charging in apartment or multi-dwelling buildings to firstly engage all stakeholders in the conversation. Once you’ve got the measure of the appetite for onsite charging, we can help you with information & impartial advice on how it can work, how load management can smooth power supply constraints & help body corporate plan a fair & equitable power usage and billing system.

We’ll recommend intelligent & integrated products that can accessed & controlled via a smart phone app, automated billing that avoids management overheads & how to actively load manage your power supply in preparation for the growing demand for public charging as electric vehicles become ubiquitous.

One in ten Australians now live in an apartment, particularly in our capital cities & regional centres.

While there are challenges with apartment EV charging – primarily relating to power supply & charging space locations – they’re not insurmountable.

A mix of apartment building & public DC charging in our cities & suburbs may form part of the solution & our team are also working on additional ideas that will enable apartment owners to access reliable EV charging.

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If you’re an apartment owner or a body corporate representative & would like to know more, we welcome you to get in touch to find out more about joining our growing network of electric vehicle charging.

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