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E-Fleet Consulting Services

Electric fleet vehicles

Lead the way with a great low-emission fleet option …that’s great value for money.

Low-emission transport has become a priority for fleet managers. 

Primary reasons are for sustainability: EVs cut down on tailpipe emissions and the damaging impact of global warming.

Yet many fleet managers realise electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are now also financially attractive — EVs have been found to be cheaper to service and ‘fuel’.

What’s more, the emerging used car market for EVs suggests EVs hold their value more than ICE with more demand from drivers at a budget-friendly price point.

Are you struggling to get your head around how to manage an EV fleet?

You’re not alone if you realise that switching to sustainable transport isn’t just about installing electric car chargers in the ground and ordering the latest small SUV from a local dealership. 

It’s no wonder more fleet managers are considering e-fleets with questions such as:

  • When should we diversify our fleet to include electric vehicles (EVs) and PHEVs (Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles?
  • What is the most cost-efficient way to charge our fleet?
  • Can EV chargers be located both onsite and at the homes of staff members?
  • How can we keep track of the chargers for electricity reimbursements?

You’re not alone if you don’t feel confident to introduce EVs into your fleet because of:

Operational concerns 

How will you monitor what vehicles are available and what state of charge each vehicle has?

Supply constraints 

Will your premises support the electricity supply needed? And will an infrastructure upgrade be needed? 

Driver to vehicle interaction 

How will vehicle consumption and charging sessions be properly tracked, controlled, and compensated?

Fleet managers want to go to electric but need certainty and control

Currently, not many holistic e-fleet management solutions exist. Which explains why many fleet managers get ‘fleet transition paralysis. 

But without the right software, you don’t have visibility, certainty, and control over vehicles and charging sessions.

Strategic planning of EV charging to suit driver usage and range is the best way to create a successful fleet charging partnership. 

To succeed, you need Aussie made and leading international charging products that suit your current demand — and are scalable to meet increased demands. That’s where we come in.

EV innovation made in Melbourne

Get help setting up your electric fleet, including: 

  • ICE to EV conversions
  • AC and DC EV charging infrastructure
  • custom-built charging hardware

The EVUp consulting team works closely with our partner company EVolution Australia to troubleshoot specialised EV charging solutions.

The EVUp network provides intelligent, integrated, and connected electric vehicle charging solutions across Australia and New Zealand.

The network can connect and manage privately operated or publicly available charging points for fleet managers. This means you can easily access usage data. 

We offer Aussie designed and manufactured AC charging options - the only Australian EV charging network to do so. 

These can be customised to meet specialised and specific business requirements. 

The aim: A fleet management solution that doesn’t depend on specific hardware

Features and objectives include:

Driver lead initiation (stop/start) and real time monitoring of charging sessions. Admin portal for real-time management of charging hardware and sessions by location.
Compensation for drivers who charge at home. Strategic charging modes to guarantee all vehicles have enough range to complete.
Complete integration with building systems to avoid overload and reduce (or delay) infrastructure costs. Setup of alerts and reports as needed.

E-fleet case study

The Northern Central Catchment Management Authority (NCCMA) power their fleet of electic vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles using GARO Wallboxes with an onsite 50kW solar system.

We have a desire to do more than just limit our carbon emissions, but to show leadership across the sector, and these chargers are a key part of that strategy. 

Not only have we committed to electric or hybrid vehicles where we can, but we want to promote their use, and show the community what an easy alternative they are to the combustion engine. 

About half of all cars sold in Australia are fleet cars, so there’s a real opportunity for fleet managers, especially in all levels of government, to make a real difference.

- Adam Woods, CMA Corporate Services Executive Manager 

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