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EV Team

We invite you to join the EVUp network

The EVUp electric vehicle charging network was established in early 2020 by two EV enthusiasts passionate about working towards climate change mitigation & adaption.

Russ Shepherd created our partner company, EVolution Australia, in 2015 & has grown an EV community-focused business that is as well regarded for charging products as the expert advice & support given to drivers on a daily basis.

Emma Sutcliffe is a climate activist & sustainable living advocate who is committed to breaking down the common barriers to EV adoption, particularly for women.

EVUp believes in supporting local businesses, skills & jobs, which is why we’ve developed our own software, as well as manufactured our own AC charging unit, the AURIGA, right here in Australia.

We invite you to join the EVUp network by contacting Emma or Russ via email or phone (below) or by completing our contact form.

EVUp. Charge happy.

Russ Shepherd, EVUp Director.

Russ Shepherd unwittingly started our partner company, EVolution Australia, by selling portable chargers and cables for electric cars to help fund his ICE to EV conversion project. The 2001 Audi he stripped now runs 150kms on battery power & the business is growing at a rapid rate in line with the increasing demand for electric vehicle knowledge, advice & products.

A computer engineer & project manager by trade, Russ is passionate about research, innovation & manufacturing in the domestic EV sector, as well as providing local internships & jobs.

Contact Russ at or on 0424 047 596.

Emma Sutcliffe, EVUp Director.

Emma Sutcliffe is a journalist & communications professional who joined our partner company EVolution Australia in 2019 to assist with content strategy, but now leads the development of EVUp. She lives on acreage near Geelong with her family & drives a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV which is charged from her home’s off-grid solar system. In 2014, Emma joined the ranks of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Corps & has been involved in a range of sustainability projects since then. She’s also a member of her local CFA brigade & holds the dubious record of being the first EV owner in Australia to accidentally set fire to her car.

Contact Emma at or on 0409 040 499.

Keith Partridge, Commercials.

Keith specialises in developing commercial strategy and leading complex negotiations, with years of experience enhancing customer relationships across a variety of industries. He joined our partner company EVolution Australia in 2019 to assist with the development of our commercial offer. In his spare time Keith enjoys being with his young family, swimming, skiing & running.

Jack Shaddock, Project and Strategy Lead

Jack Shaddock is a business professional who joined EVUp in 2020 to assist with managing various projects and providing strategic insight to help get new initiatives up and running. Jack is passionate about using data to drive business performance and enjoys taking on new and unfamiliar tasks. Outside of work Jack loves hitting the gym and playing guitar with his band.

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