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Solar matched charging

Intelligent EV charging using self-generated renewables

Transitioning to low-emission transport has become a priority in climate change mitigation & adaptation plans for businesses, organisations & all levels of government in Australia & New Zealand.

However, driving electric is only part of the emissions puzzle; it is also vital to consider the source of the power used to supply EV charging infrastructure.

We believe that solar matched charging is the best & most efficient way to ensure your good intentions in purchasing electric drive vehicles isn’t eroded by using power from a majority coal-fired electricity grid.

Our intelligent network software is solar-aware & connects to your onsite solar or wind renewable energy system.

By managing the charge rate across multiple EV charging stations, our EVUp software ensures the charge rate never overwhelms available solar or renewable output.

This means the EV chargers don’t pull from the electricity grid & that every kilowatt fed to an electric vehicle is guaranteed to be locally generated renewable energy.

Not only does this dramatically reduce the footprint of your single vehicle or fleet, but also reduces your ongoing running costs.

EVUp’s solar matched charging software has been developed in Australia & provides reliable & affordable EV charging at your site.

Charge happy with EVUp.

We believe the mainstream uptake of electric vehicles can be accelerated by providing family-friendly charging options in the places where people work, shop & play.

We know that attractive & highly visible charging stations raises awareness & understanding of electric vehicles, eases concerns about range anxiety & encourages the transition to low-emission transport for cleaner cities & a brighter future.

The EVUp network provides intelligent, integrated & connected electric vehicle charging solutions across Australia & New Zealand.

We are proud to offer Australian made AC & DC charging options…the only Australian EV charging network to do so.

Charge happy with EVUp.

Reliable & affordable EV charging!

To find out more about joining our network, please get in touch & we’ll send you an AC & DC EV charging proposal that outlines installation, billing & support information.  

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