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EV Podcast - talking about motivation

14 March 2020

What motivates the team at EVUp?

Our director Emma Sutcliffe was this week interviewed by EV Podcast host Theo Gibson to talk about the Australian EV landscape, but also why she so strongly believes in her work.

Both EVUp founders are climate change activists, passionate about growing a sustainable greentech business that always incorporates our values of being kind to people and planet.

By aligning these values with our everyday activities, EVUp is creating a business journey that is exciting and fulfilling, but which pays off in more ways than just profit.

Co-directors Emma and Russ are proud to share this journey with a growing and inclusive team of like-minded people who have the confidence to back themselves when it matters.

By sharing ideas and knowledge, supporting each other through stressful periods and taking some time to celebrate our successes, we tap into a collaborative power to create positive and lasting change.

Making the right choices on the EVUp journey

Every decision we make is driven by a desire to do good and to live with purpose in a competitive and fast-moving sector.

It's is only then we have the ability to truly grow local jobs, skills and innovation, and create a platform to support the sustainable and important transition to low-emission transport.

You can learn more about the EVUp journey by clicking here to listen to the EV Podcast.

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